Coffee Paper Filters For 02 Dripper – 2-4 Cup Unbleached x40 Pack

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40x pack of filter papers for a 2-4 cup pour over filter eg. V60 or similar coffee maker.

Pure and not-bleached
Wood fiber material
Simple and clear design
2-4cups applicable


2-4cups applicable
Quantity:40 slices/Per box
Shape: cone
Size(filter paper): Just as pictured (radius 10cm, direct arc length14cm)

How to use:

1. Fold the filter paper as shown in diagram, then put in the dripper.

2. Load the dripper on the server or cup, measure proper quantity of ground coffee ( about 10g per person) into the dripper. First pour a small stable stream in the dripper for pre brewing, then wait for 30-40 seconds.

3. Pour small and stable stream as you desired again for brewing. Coffee will drop into the server, empty dripper when finished and your coffee is ready for served.

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