Coffee Hand Grinder with Easy Adjust Grind Setting

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This hand grinder is great for using across all types of coffee makers due to its easy adjust grind setting.

40mm ceramic burrs means this grinder grinds quicker than other similar units with 30mm burrs. Holds about 60g of coffee beans in the grinder so good for 3-4 cups of coffee in one go.

This grinder has a number representing each grind setting, much like a benchtop grinder. This means you can quickly and easily swap between settings and getting consistency in the grind size.

Other hand grinders dont give you this ability to see and quickly adjust the grind setting.

Great for Espresso, Plunger (French Press), Stovetop (Mokapot), Filter Machines, Pour Over (V60), Chemex and Aeropress.

Quality made from 304 stainless steel

size: 15*8.5*21.5cm

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