Hario Muizudashi Cold Brew Maker 1L

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Come summer, cold coffee is the go. This cold brew pot from Mizudashi is simple and sustainable.

The Hario ‘Mizudashi’ Cold Brew Pot is a simple and effective way to make delicious cold brew at home. Brewing coffee with cold water doesn’t allow the coffee grounds to oxidize by heat, resulting in a less acidic, smoother brew which is full of body and flavour.

With its slim design and sturdy handle, the Mizudashi fits snugly into your refrigerator door and is easily removed when you’re ready to enjoy. The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot is simple to use and durable made from high-quality heatproof borosilicate glass and BPA-Free Plastic.

Great for cold brew coffee or tea.

1L version in Black

The Hario takes cold or room temperature water and yields cold-brewed coffee in 8 to 24 hours. The method is super simple; you load the fine mesh basket with ground coffee, add an appropriate dose of cool water, and store in the refrigerator for several hours.

The Mizudashi pot just needs coffee, it has a reusable filter that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Grind your favourite coffee and place it in the filter (about 6-8 g of coffee for every 100 ml of water).
Place the filter in the glass carafe.
Slowly fill with cold water.
Stir gently to ensure all of the grounds are saturated.
Place in the fridge for 8 – 36 hours depending on your preference.
Remove the filter and enjoy your refreshing cold brew coffee over ice, with milk, or diluted with sparkling water!

Dimensions: 138mm (W) x 94mm (D) x 294mm (H)


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