Kalita Original Ceramic Coffee Dripper 101

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Kalita Original Ceramic Coffee Dripper 101

Required 101 flat bottom filters, sold seperate.

The Kalita 101 is the perfect brewer for making 1 to 2 cups of coffee. It is designed to hold up to 30 grams of coffee per brewing and is able to consistently brew down to 10g of coffee.

Its 3 hole design allows for the consistent flow of water through the coffee bed for proper extraction. The Brewer can withstand fluctuations in temperature so its great for heat retention.

The 101 is a pro coffee tool for brewing a wide variety of coffees and is easily used by those starting with coffee or seasoned coffee professionals

Wedge-shaped dripper with three holes in the bottom and ribs on the inner wall. Its design keeps the filter from sticking to the wall and the bottom of dripper, also encourages a smoother extraction.

Hasami Porcelain.
With 400 years of history, Nagasaki prefecture’s famous Hasami porcelain was and still is a part of the people’s daily lives.

design by Narumi, pottery

This is for 1-2 cup(s)

size (mm):120×98×68

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